Performance at a Glance:

Debonair group has been enjoying tremendous growth for the last couple of years. We have doubled jacket production capacity to 0.5 million Pcs/month by successful implementation of BMRE of our mother project. Another of our garment units is under consideration of BMRE too. Further, Implementation of Quilting and Padding production line is going on in full swing. In order to keep abreast of garment manufacturing technologies, Debonair is always keen to invest in research and development and capitalize opportunities ahead of its competitors. In an attempt to sustain our business efficiently and outperform our competitors and offer one-stop quality services to international partners at competitive rates, we have also planned to venture out textile, garment & accessories related other industries. By all means, we are expecting an average production and profitability growth of 20% over the next few years. A snap-shot of our performance in recent years is depicted below.