[Samin Winter Met]

Samin Winter Mate Ltd, is a 100% export-oriented house of bottom and special jacket manufacturer. After taking over in early 2016, it has been accredited by many international certification bodies of garment industries and started its full operation since then. Performance in visible leadership, efficient management, and superior quality and on time delivery has made Samin Winter Mate to attract and gain trust of numerous prestigious buyers from across Europe and North America. To keep quality standard consistent, it not only employs skilled work-force but also invest in high-tech modern machineries. It believes in maintaining long-term relationship with all stakeholders. Employees are seen as appreciable assets of the company. Within a short span of time, it has managed to improve production efficiency at a level such that its capacity is fully exhausted now and requires immediate expansion to meet buyer’s increased demand. As the business is in growth stage and induced by huge demand from international buyers, its management has taken strategic move to BMRE existing plant, so that production capacity can be doubled.