[Padding & Quilting Unit]

A. Padding Unit:
A1. Automated Padding Plant
Our existing padding line having all latest features with four (04) carding machines which can produce 160 inches width padding sheets and production capacity is approximate 40,000 to 48,000 yards per day (for avg. 04 OZ padding). We have planned to install second padding line by next year that will enable us to produce high end padding products.
Types of Padding:
1) Regular Padding; 2) Air hole padding; 3) Feather touch padding;
4) Silk Padding; 5) Down touch Padding; 6) Super Soft Padding;
7) Insulation Padding; 8) Micro Padding (Soft); 9) Needle Punch Padding; 10) Thero Padding;

A2. Fake Down (Loose Padding Plant)
We have introduced the international class latest fake down Korean machine with some unique modifications. This automated unit can produce any range any type of loose padding required by our valued customers.

A3. Ball Fiber Plant
Our padding unit has a latest Ball Fiber machine to support our clients
B. Quilting Unit:
Our Quilting unit has twenty-two (22) computerized quilting machines with both width level 65 inches and 128 inches. Our production capacity is approximately 35000 yards per day. We are proud to have the Horizontal Quilting Machine, the one of a kind, in our premises to serve our customers with better quilting solutions. Further, our Embroidery Quilting Machine can stitch any critical design with the thinnest sewing needles. We assure that we can do all types of quilting design solutions to serve the best from our available existing facilities.