[Group at a Glance]


Debonair Group is a privately owned, diversified but mostly inter-linked garment manufacturing and agro business plat-form. It consists of Six (6) operating entities worth $60.0 million, of which Four (4) businesses are export-oriented and profit making organizations and the other Two (2) operate as non- profit making organizations. The company has started manufacturing journey in 2010 speculating tremendous prospect and possibilities of potential business growth in the garment manufacturing sector in Bangladesh. As a consequence, directors of the company have transformed their indomitable vision and expertise into reality by overtaking “Debonair Ltd. and Orbitex knitwear Ltd.” The ultimate goal of the group is to become a sustainable business conglomerate and contribute to the continuing growth of national economy by creating jobs. As part of our CSR program, we have implemented numerous philanthropic projects to cater disadvantaged people and children of the society.
In the year 2016, Debonair is expected to enjoy an average 25% growth rate in terms of production and profitability, and this will resulted in its year-end export turnover of 75.0 million USD.

Superior quality product and on time delivery performance has made the group able to attract and gain trust of numerous prestigious buyers from across Europe and North America, potential among those are H&M, Benetton, Best seller, Jack & Jones, K-mart, TEMA, C&A, and KappAhl.
Existing board of Debonair is lead by the Chairman, Mr. Mohammad Nurun Nabi FCA, who is also an active and prominent founder partner of ACNABIN, a renowned Chartered Accountants firm in Bangladesh. The Managing Director, Mr. Mohammed Ayub Khan FCA, also is an independent chartered accountant practitioner in his own firm, who has years of versatile experience in the field of Accounting & Auditing, Financial consultancy and Manufacturing. He has extensive knowledge of garments related industries, which made him interested to embark on his own garment and related manufacturing businesses. Other directors of the board within the group are highly educated and have hands-on expertise and knowledge in garment manufacturing business. The group employs industry exposed, competent and talented people to run its total operations.
With all its compliant production facilities, Debonair is strategically focused to invest in green technologies to reduce production costs and take measures to induce environment-friendly production system. Recent, Debonair has completed first phase of its expansion works which entails $10.0 million BMRE (Balancing, Modernization, Rehabilitation and Expansion) of Ashuia Garment manufacturing facility. Implementation of second phase of $5.0 million BMRE is well under now. In an attempt to create a high end and energy efficient Jacket production plant, and in order to streamline supply of key materials for specialized jacket production, Debonair is has planned to invest $10.0 million in Padding and Quilting production facilities, and the implementation of padding and quilting project is also underway.