Adequate Open Space: More than 50% of total site has been kept as open space for footprint, garden and pond. These are enhancing the natural beauty of the factory.

Rain Water Reserve: During rainy season – rain water is reserved in a pond and this water is used for gardening during dry season.

Solar Plant: For green strategy -currently we installed roof-top solar plant and planning to upgrade it to mega solar unit facility to produce 1.2MW electricity gradually. This facility will reduce a significant amount of energy demand from conventional sources.

Maximum Day Light Using: Our factory has been designed with adequate windows and louvers for maximum utilization of daylight and air during production period.
Energy efficient lights: In factory premises and boundary area we used LED lights to reduce energy demand and cost subsequently.

ETP Plant: We do not discharge any chemical water to environment. For this we established 2M3/Hr bio- chemical plant. Water form ETP is used for internal gardening.

Laboratory: We have established a Lab section with latest machinery for measuring quality standard to serve our business partners the best. We are the first to introduce lab section in the padding industry of our country. Our lab can ensure the quality of the padding products before quilting like padding migration, enzyme test, washing tests besides other normal tests. Further, it gives us the PSF reports to ensure quality.


Building Code: Our factory is constructed by maintaining BNBC building code.

Employees Safety: Employees safety is our prime concern. We arrange training program every month to aware employees on issues Like; fire safety, first aid, machinery handle safety, chemical and hazardous material safety etc.

Medical Facilities: In factory (Production floor) we kept First Aid Box with free emergency medicine. So that employees can get primary treatment easily. Moreover, one vehicle is always kept ready to attend emergency medical services.

Adequate washroom facilities: We have adequate hygienic toilets facilities for workers as well as for officers and buyers.

Canteen Facilities: We established a separate Canteen shed and food facilities for employees. So employees can easily take their breakfast, lunch and dinner at factory premises etc.

Group Insurance: DPQSL offers group insurance benefits for all staffs it employs.

OEKO-TEX Certificate: We have applied for the Oeko-tex Certificate and the processing is ongoing.

Transport Fleet: We introduce our own eight (08) numbers of Cover Vans in our transport fleet to support our valued customers and business partners.