Welcome to Debonair Padding and Quilting Solution Ltd.(DPQSL)


We, Debonair Padding & Quilting Solution Ltd. (DPQSL), are Padding & Quilting manufacturer. We are actively maintaining our goodwill by producing the best quality padding and quilting products. We are also continuously enhancing customer satisfaction and forming a reliable and long-term business partnership with our customers and suppliers.

Debonair Padding & Quilting Solution Ltd. is a sister concern of Debonair Group. It is established on 13th October 2015; however, we started commercial production on 28th April 2017. Our factory is located at Valuka, Mymensingh Industrial area. We have installed very latest Auto Computerized Padding & Quilting machines. The factory floor is 150,000 Sft, and currently, 100 expert employees are engaged in padding and quilting production with foreign consultant.