[About DPQSL]


Today’s global economy requires the protection of the environment which is a key component of any sustainable business to grow and continue its operation. Global warming, climate change, damage to the ozone layer and the loss of biodiversity is the responsibility of business today. Realizing this fact, DPSQL project is implemented in such a manner that follows the principles of green factory concept. We strive for sustainable and acceptable business practices in Bangladesh.

Debonair Padding & Quilting Solution Ltd. is a sister concern of Debonair Group. It is established on 13th October 2015; however, we started commercial production on 28th April 2017. Our factory is located at Valuka, Mymensingh Industrial area. We have installed very latest South Korean Padding & Quilting machines. The factory floor is 150,000 Sft, and currently, 86 industry expert employees are engaged in padding and quilting production.

Company Status: It is a Private Company limited by Shares

Board of Directors:

1) Mohamad Nurun Nabi, FCA (Chairman)
2) Naiara Noor, ARC (Co-Chairman)
3) Mohammed Ayub Khan, FCA (Managing Director)
4) Mohammad Monowar Noor, (Director)

Our Banks:
1) Dhaka Bank Ltd., Dhaka.
2) City Bank Ltd, Dhaka.
3) Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd., Dhaka.
Payment: Confirmed irrevocable L/c.

Our Commitment: “To serve the best quality with utmost reliability and satisfaction” – this means
• We respond quickly and effectively to customer’s requirement to our best ability;
• We are always customer focused and strive to gain customer satisfaction consistently;
• Using the best quality raw materials, we produce best quality products.